Bali Safari Marine Park

bali safari activities - bali platinum tourBali Safari and Marine Park Tour is a Bali Activities Tour to enjoy visiting Bali Safari and Marine Park on a step hillside between the mountain and the sea on the splendid island of Bali, there once lived a village of people renowned for their believe to God and their love for nature. They considered all the wild animals and plants to be their friends. In those days there were many deer and few people. And tigers never bothered the village. They lived together in peace and harmony. Home to hundreds amazing animals representing more than 50 species, including some of rare and endangered species.

Bali Tour combining Balinese cultural ambiance with African Savannah, Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour features the following exhibits featuring Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, White Tiger, Leopard, Komodo, Dragon and Cheetah are just some of the fascinating creatures that can be seen at the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Fulfilling its mission of conservation, education and recreation through one of our attractive Elephant Show devoted to animals involved in conservation and education projects and so much more excitement by riding the elephant with our Elephant Back Safari around the African Savannah and get to see your favorite animal up close! in Animal Encounter make the Bali Safari and Marine Park’s leading family attraction and adventure in Bali.

Choose Our Selection Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour Program :

Jungle Hopper Packages

Jungle Hopper Packages is one of Bali Safari and Marine Park packages which very famous for visitors who comes to this place. The packages offers an unforgettable tour and education experience among the more than 100 species of animals housed at the recreational park and active wildlife conservation center,Bali Safari Marine Park. Book this package and get one time Safari Journey Trip, Front of The Line, Fresh Water Aquarium, one time Animal Encounter, entry the Water Park, and one time Fun Zone Rides!

Jungle Hopper Packages Price :

Adult : Rp.797.500 / person
Children ( 3-12 ) :Rp. 652.500 /person
Toddler ( 0-2 ) : Free

Price is per person for minimum of 2 participants
Note : Not Include With Any Transfer, Add Charge For Transfer Rp.250.000/car

Rhino Packages

Rhino Packages is the best packages from Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour because holiday adventures should be fun, which the park provides in full measure, as well as it’s more profound and enduring mission of conservation. Taman Safari Indonesia is an institution oriented to building tourist attractions that are attractive to visitors, environmentally friendly and that help spread the conservation message. They are the Government appointed Indonesian Centre for the Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife

Rhino Packages Price

Adult : Rp.2.102.500 /person
Children ( 3-12 ) : RP.1.667.500 /person
Toddler ( 0-2 ) : Free

Price is per person for minimum of 2 participants
Note : Not Include With Any Transfer, Add Charge For Transfer Rp.250.000/car

Leopard Packages

Leopard Packages is exciting packages from Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour visitors can view Javan leopards, Sinyulong crocodiles and many varieties of fish. Bali Safari and Marine Park is the latest creation from the operators of the world renowned Taman Safari Indonesia, a name known for more than 20 years for its creative, back to nature animal exhibits and incessant conservation work. Building upon the innovations of their existing parks at Bogor near Jakarta and Prigen near Surabaya, and using the latest in concepts in park design, Taman Safari Indonesia has exceeded all expectations with their newest park.

Leopard Packages Price : 

Adult  : Rp.1.522.500 /person
Children ( 3-12 ) : Rp.1.377.500 /person
Toddler ( 0-2 ) : Free

Price is per person for minimum of 2 participants
Note : Not Include With Any Transfer, Add Charge For Transfer Rp.250.000 / car

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